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Case studies on supporting lifelong learning: new JISC publication

JISC has just released another in its Effective Practice series of guides, this one focussing on lifelong learning. It’s called Learning in a Digital Age and is available to download from the JISC publications site.

It contains 11 institutional case studies around the themes of:

  • Support for lifelong learners
  • Responsive curriculum design
  • Flexible curriculum delivery
  • Assessment, feedback and accreditation
  • Stakeholder engagement and sustainable partnerships

Several of these case studies involve the use of eportfolios to support lifelong learning. Each case study in the document is quite succinct but there are links to more detailed information on the publication’s page on the JISC site.

Particularly interesting are the examples from Thanet College (reflective practice as part of CPD) and the University of Wolverhampton (eportfolios in work-based learning).

The HE5P Project – supporting links between employers and the HE sector

Rob Ward from the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) drew my attention to this this week; the site for the HE5P project. If you are an employer or work in Higher Education in the field of work-based learning then this will be of interest.

As the site itself explains, the project 4 overlapping aims are to:

  1. “Collate and analyse existing practices in work based learning e-portfolio practice(s), specifically via a review of literature and existing practice.
  2. Build capacity to develop and promote best practice in using e-portfolio technology to support employer and learner engagement in higher level learning, specifically via the development and support of a national partnership:
  3. Disseminate key lessons and experiences which will inform/shape policy and transfer practice.
  4. Provide an evidence base and national e-portfolio specification to contribute to policy and practice to ensure the effective implementation of the employer/employee engagement agenda, via data collection and reporting and the provision of an Information Architecture Model.”

Of particular interest are the range of 7 scenarios and the Information Architecture Model (IAM) that they are linked to. The IAM is a very detailed diagram and is “designed to explore the role of e-portfolio and related tools in the context of other information systems which can or may play a part in some engagement process.” Helpfully, they have produced a step by step video (requires Flash) with audio commentary to guide you through it.

The CRA is a registered educational UK charity that aims to “promote the awareness of recording achievement and action planning processes as an important element in improving learning and progression throughout the world of education, training and employment”.

As well as offering support to their members they also run numerous events. Last year I attended their international symposium on ePortfolios and Personal Development Planning which was an an extremely valuable experience. I wrote a couple of reports here and here.