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My Showcase – new evidence aggregating tool (#eportfolio)

My Showcase is a new open-source web-based tool for gathering evidence for use in an eportfolio. I saw a demo at the JISC  2011 conference in Liverpool this week delivered by David Sowden and David Waller from the University of Hull and it looks very promising.

You can gather evidence into a Twitter-style stream, which can include free text, links and uploaded documents, but more importantly, content from social media sites, Twitter and Flickr. MyShowcase filters these either by the user choosing a particular photoset in Flickr or a hashtag in Twitter. 

The Davids said they are looking into expanding the list of supported social media sites over time.

RSS feeds can be included making linking to blog easy and you can also incorporate PebblePad Webfolios and links from Sakai.

Evidence can be tagged and mapped against a range of different frameworks. The number of frameworks is limited at the moment but will grow over time.

The evidence stream is potentially too unwieldy to share with others but a user can select certain pieces of evidence to be collated into a shareable showcase. Users define who can see this showcase by defining email addresses of reviewers and so can be tightly controlled. There’s no option at the moment to make a Showcase completely public.

It’s currently available as a download for self-hosting, as a Moodle plugin (a Sakai tool is undergoing testing at the moment) or there is a hosting partner organisation. They also promised a smartphone app would shortly be arriving to enable evidence-grabbing on the go.

Other significant aspects of the project development include looking at interoperability and ways of enabling learners to maintain their evidence stream after they have left their institution.

There’s a demo site to have a go on. Be warned, to keep the demo site manageable, content is routinely wiped so don’t rely on it for your own content.

I certainly found it easy to use and a distinctive addition to the range of tools available. 

The Amplifier’s Social Media Policy


I think it pays to be clear about what this blog and its associated media are for and how we’re going to use it. Here’s the initial policy, although I imagine I’ll update this occassionally.


Who’s posting

The owner of this blog, Twitter account etc is Chris Thomson, Consultant Trainer with JISC Netskills. There may be guest posts and the authors of these will be clearly marked along with their contact details. Tweets may be written by others within Netskills.


I’m writing in the first person even though I represent an organisation. I just find it easier to read stuff that’s written like that.

I should emphasise that the tweets and this blog are not about me, it’s more a conduit for useful information. If you care that much, my personal twitter is @electricchalk and my blog is at http://www.electricchalk.com but these are mine and don’t represent the views of JISC or Netskills.

I’ll keep the tone informal.


I’ll be delighted if you quote stuff written in this blog. Please give credit where it’s due and don’t nick stuff.

I respect other people’s intellectual property. Images that I use will be credited and used appropriately according to their licensing as best I can. If the licensing arrangements are unclear I’ll do my very best to contact the creator before using anything. I’ll adhere to any reasonable requests to take down embedded and uploaded media.


Please comment on things you find interesting in the blog or reply to the Twitter feed. Your participation is very welcome.

I will moderate comments, mainly to screen for spam. Constructive criticism is welcome here. Trolling is not.

Twitter Follows 

The Twitter stream from EP Amplifier is for the education community. I will follow back if your bio or previous tweets suggest you are interested. Again, this is to avoid spammers, not to create an exclusive club. I like giving the benefit of the doubt.

I will follow commercial organisations but please don’t spam my timeline or I’ll unfollow you.

I will recommend other Twitter users to follow using the #followfriday or #ff hastags if I think other ePortfolio users might like to follow you.


It may be valuable to tweet stuff about software, hardware providers or event coordinators from time to time if it’s of interest to the ePortfolio community but I must make it clear; these blog posts and tweets should NOT be taken as endorsement of a product or company by JISC or Netskills. The ePortfolio Amplifier is absolutely eportfolio platform-neutral.


If you want to contact me about the blog, the best thing to do would be to comment (say if you don’t want the comment published) or DM ep_amplifier in Twitter if we’re following each other. Netskills’ contact details can be found on our site.

Image: “Web” by John “K” on Flickr – By-NC-ND 


ePortfolios turned up to 11!

Thanks for visiting the ePortfolio Amplifier.

JISC Netskills has started this blog and the associated Twitter account as a way of spreading information about implementing and using ePortfolios in education. The blog has a UK focus, but not exclusively. It’s likely most of the posts will be about higher and further education but I’ll also be sharing stuff about schools and work-based learning.

There’s a Twitter account too: @ep_amplifier

There’s also a Diigo bookmarking list available. It’s not got much in it but hopefully it will turn into a useful library over time. Feel free to follow it.

Other forms of social media will come along in the future.

image: London on the Move by D1v1D on Flickr – By-ND-NC