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Evernote as an ePortfolio platform

Martin Hawksey, who works at the JISC Regional Support Centre for Scotland North and East posted a while back about the possibilities he’d seen about using Evernote as a platform for constructing an eportfolio.

Here’s Martin’s post. 

It’s an interesting approach as Evernote is really a productivity tool but Martin highlights a range of ways that it’s features for capturing information can be used for building a shareable portfolio. Especially good is the support for mobile devices (which has improved since Martin originally wrote the post).

He’s also pointed out on Twitter that it scores well for being user-owned – even if an institution pays for a premium license for the duration of a course, notebooks can be retained by the learner after they have left the institution and they may choose to continue paying the charge for full functionality.

…and he’s done a comprehensive screencast on the app’s features.

Evernote – a personalised e-portfolio solution from Martin Hawksey on Vimeo.


…and here’s his follow-up about Purdue Uni’s use of Evernote.

Do you know of any examples of learners using Evernote in this way or institutions encouraging its use?


#ePortfolios at the Uni of South Australia (Margaret Faulkner)

Way back in September I attended a conference on ePorfolios run by the JISC Regional Support Centre for Scotland North and East. I did a brief summary on my personal blog but I’d like to highlight one of the presentations; Margaret Faulkner from The University of South Australia (UniSA).

Margaret delivered the first keynote, about their experiences implementing an ePortfolio across a large institution and all the associated successes and hurdles they encountered on the way. They use PebblePad but as with all of these things the platform is the least interesting aspect of the story. It includes brief case studies of ePortfolios in midwifery and engineering studies.

Here’s the presentation, helpfully recorded by the RSC. It’s about 30 mins long and the slides don’t quite match with the audio.

The Lowdown on e-Portfolios at UniSA

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There’s also a written version of the case study available here.