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Lots of links on ePortfolios

The red bookmark

If you’re looking to learn more about eportfolios but don’t know where to start try these collections of bookmarks on Diigo.

  • Chris Thomson’s ePortfolio List (me) – this is where I try to store most of the links to things I blog about here. It’s a bit more searchable than the blog itself. Currently 25 items and growing.
  • MyPortfolio Group – “Everything to do with MyPortfolio, the ePortfolio service for New Zealand schools and ePortfolios in general”. Has a number of active contributors and has 68 items in there at the moment.
  • Everything Mahara – Like it says. 262 items(!)
  • Desire 2 Learn ePortfolio – 29 items

If you have a selection of useful links about ePortfolios or related topics let me know in the comments.

Image credit – The Red Bookmark by Rickz on Flickr – By-NC-ND