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WordPress as an ePortfolio platform

There’s been a bit of chatter on Twitter about using Google Apps as a freely available ePortfolio platform.

Another alternative, though is using WordPress. Although a blogging platform, it provides enough flexibility and customisation to be repurposed for use as an eportfolio. Another key benefit is it is fairly easy to export the contents so students can take their portfolio with them after graduation and host it themselves or import it onto another platform.

Ralf Appelt recently blogged about his ideas on using WordPress. My German’s not great (or existent) but Google Translate does a pretty decent job of putting it into English.

There are a few of examples of it already in use:

Duncan Gillespie at Dumfries and Galloway College (South West Scotland) has been running a successful ePortfolio programme with learners for a few years now. Duncan has presented to Netskills’ workshops before about his use of WordPress – see his slides here. HINT: play the slideshare full screen so that all the links to example blogs can be clicked. The examples he links to show the possibilities for personalisation with WordPress which are a great way for helping learners feel that they own the ePortfolio, not the institution. 

Another worth a look is MacCaulay Honors College at the City University, New York (CUNY). They have taken a slightly different route by using the Buddypress, an open source product based on WordPress Multi-User (MU). Buddypress allows an institution to operate WordPress more like a social network (the CUNY Academic Commons shows this in action). There’s a rather good showcase site a as well if you want to see what sort of thing’s the students are doing.