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Life in a shoebox? – eportfolio debate on the blogs

Towards the end of last week Donald Clark, in characteristic style, outlined his arguments against the use of eportfolios. Among his arguments were points about the interoperability of systems, the institutionalised nature of many of them and a questioning the usefulness of the label of “lifelong leaners”. It’s interesting, provoking reading.

Unsuprisingly, it sparked quite a debate as you can see from the comments.

Also, Graham Attwell responded on his blog Pontydysgu, and Rowin Young of CETIS responded at more length as well.

Have you come across other blog responses? What’s your take on the debate?

Image credit: Donald Clark by Heloukee on Flickr – BY-NC-ND

ePortfolio Interoperatbility using the Leap2A standard

Portability of eportfolios is an important issue. If we expect learners to be able to take their eportfolio from institution to institution then there needs to be a mechanism for making sure that different platforms can make sense of what was created using a different technology and present it in a meaningful way.

To this end JISC CETIS are working on an interoperability standard for eportfolios called Leap2A. JISC have produced a short introductory web page and briefing paper.

The platforms that currently use it are:

You can also listen to this presentation by Simon Grant from CETIS which was delivered last September to the RSC Scotland North and East’s ePortfolio Scotland Conference. Slides 5-13 are probably the most interesting. He also reflects on the presentation on his own blog.

For me, the key issue he brings up is how we can plan for possible future uses of the information in learners’ eportfolios. For many institutions who are just starting out on implementing an eportfolio-based pedagogy it might not be an issue that is thought about in great detail.

A more detailed description of the specifications for the 2010-07 version can be found here.


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