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Large-scale eportfolio implementation: brand new case studies and toolkit from JISC

If your higher or further education institution or professional body is planning on implementing eportfolio-based practice then you’ll find these new resources, recently published by JISC, very useful.

Following an extensive investigation by Gordon Joyes and Angela Smallwood at the University of Nottingham that I mentioned a while ago, JISC have released an eportfolio implementation toolkit

The toolkit is based on the experiences of 18 institutions (11 in the UK, 4 in Australia and 3 from New Zealand) and the guidance is aimed at practitioners and managers. It aims to help you answer 3 key questions:

  • Why should you use eportfolios?
  • How do we decide what eportfolio to use?
  • What does good implementation look like?

There are examples from FE, HE and one professional body

    To support the release of the toolkit, JISC have also produce videos in which 5 institutions tell their own stories about eportfolios implementation.

    They are available on Youtube or to download from the JISC site.

    Each video has a slightly different perspective on eportfolios use. For example, Southampton Solent Uni’s story focusses on eportfolios supporting career progression and Birmingham City Uni deals mainly with learning, teaching and assessment.

    Here’s the video from Thanet College which includes some discussion about using eportfolios for professional development:

    There’s plenty to get your teeth into! Have a look at the toolkit and videos and share your thoughts in the comments below…

    Bumper selection of Case Studies from PebblePad

    Happy New Year from Netskills, everyone!

    Here’s something from back in June 2010. PebblePad hosted the PebbleBash conference in Shropshire last year and they have helpfully collated the presentations and one or two other bits and pieces.

    There is also a range of case studies on a wide variety of topics with contributions from the great and the good of international eportfolio practice, including some people we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Netskills. The case studies are categorised according to these themes.

    • Learning, teaching and assessment
    • Personal development planning
    • Pedagogic implementation
    • Placement or work-based learning
    • Professional accreditation
    • Sympathies and tensions with institutional technologies
    • Careers or employability
    • Student perspectives

    Hats off to PebblePad and the authors for making these case studies available under a Creative Commons license.

    Also, kudos for having a ceilidh as their social event! More conferences should do this. 🙂

    #ePortfolios at the Uni of South Australia (Margaret Faulkner)

    Way back in September I attended a conference on ePorfolios run by the JISC Regional Support Centre for Scotland North and East. I did a brief summary on my personal blog but I’d like to highlight one of the presentations; Margaret Faulkner from The University of South Australia (UniSA).

    Margaret delivered the first keynote, about their experiences implementing an ePortfolio across a large institution and all the associated successes and hurdles they encountered on the way. They use PebblePad but as with all of these things the platform is the least interesting aspect of the story. It includes brief case studies of ePortfolios in midwifery and engineering studies.

    Here’s the presentation, helpfully recorded by the RSC. It’s about 30 mins long and the slides don’t quite match with the audio.

    The Lowdown on e-Portfolios at UniSA

    View more webinars from RSC Scotland N&E.
    There’s also a written version of the case study available here.