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Ewan McIntosh on “messy” eportfolios: Show your working!

This short piece comes via Nancy Rubin’s blog. It’s Ewan McIntosh talking about the benefits of sharing eportfolios as widely as possible. It’s worth 4 minutes of your time.

He paints a picture of eportfolio use that is “messy”, that shows the learning process as well as the polished outcome and where the results are shared as widely as possible to captalise on opportunities for social learning.

It’s a very different view of eportfolios from the one that Donald Clark was dicsussing a while ago.

It made me think of something that Derrin Kent quoted at a conference last year, that a school child had described an eportoflio as a way to show “how much we’ve grown.” That “growing up” is a story of experiments, false starts, blind alleys as much as the nicely produced showcase of end-points. To get a full picture of learning you need to see both.

What do you think? Should students be showing off “messy” eportfolios to the world?