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Cloudworks discussion on eportfolios starts today

Gordon Joyes and Angela Smallwood, both associate professors at the Univeristy of Nottingham will be hosting am online discussion in Cloudworks today and tomorrow (5th and 6th April) around large scale implementation of eportfolios.

The starting point for the discussion is these 4 questions:

Why should we expect practitioners and their institutions to engage with e-portfolios?
Why is e-portfolio implementation not straightforward and why is it different to VLE implementation?
What are the key factors for success for practitioners and for large-scale engagement with e-portfolios  within an institution?
How can the support of senior managers be gained?

If you have a view on these or have further questions around the topic then please get involved.

You can find out more about the JISC funded ePortfolio Implementation Study here.

Life in a shoebox? – eportfolio debate on the blogs

Towards the end of last week Donald Clark, in characteristic style, outlined his arguments against the use of eportfolios. Among his arguments were points about the interoperability of systems, the institutionalised nature of many of them and a questioning the usefulness of the label of “lifelong leaners”. It’s interesting, provoking reading.

Unsuprisingly, it sparked quite a debate as you can see from the comments.

Also, Graham Attwell responded on his blog Pontydysgu, and Rowin Young of CETIS responded at more length as well.

Have you come across other blog responses? What’s your take on the debate?

Image credit: Donald Clark by Heloukee on Flickr – BY-NC-ND